One comment on “How The Playstation Vita Can Succeed

  1. I’d have to disagree on a few points there.

    First, the launch price of the 3DS was same as the Vita. People purchase mobile mobile gaming devices for different reasons than purchasing a console. While a lower price tag would definitely attract more buyers, you would still be hard pressed to see that high of a buy increase on price drop alone.

    Gaming companies sell consoles and mobile rigs at a loss at the beginning. They make their money initially through games. After a while they then start to make money off the consoles. In fact, it took Microsoft almost two years to see profit from Xbox 360 console sales alone. The significant gains they saw, were through game sales. And even after 360 sales were sold at a profit, it still paled in comparison to game sales. This is true for mobile platforms like the Vita and the 3DS.

    Now where sony shot themselves in the foot, which you touched base on was memory cards. But also the Vita is not backwards compatible with PSP games. Now one could argue that model in which PSP games were distributed. Specifically UMD discs they distributed games. It allowed for great speed in terms of the PSP being able to read from it, in comparison to the cartridge distribution of the DS. However, it was very brittle, and easily broke. There were even third party companies selling special cases that you could pop the disc out of the case and put it into a more secure and durable frame.

    So it’s understandable for Sony to move away from something that was causing more problems then it was helping. But that’s a whole other argument.

    As for repackaging PS1 and PS2 games. That’s is an undertaking that sony has no control over.

    Yes games like FF7 would be a huge boon to the Vita, may even to do what Halo did for the original Xbox. But repackaging as old as that, or any game for that matter and having to condense it, and change drivers and code to work on a brand new platform is almost as much of an undertaking as coding a new game. Nevermind having to update the graphics.

    And Square Enix has already stated several times that it will not remake games like FF7 for any of the more powerful consoles, in which they would surely see more sales in.

    And asking a game company to remake old games is like asking a writer to rewrite his/her book from scratch and go through all the pains they went through the first time to republish it. Granted they now know the pitfalls from the first go and would have an easier time, but it’d still be a pain in the ass. If they’re going go through all that effort, why not doing something new, to try to grab more of an audience, rather then remake something for a smaller cult following?

    There are many ways to fix the Vita, and save it. But going backwards (which might do the job) isn’t a feasible option. And they would have to be pretty damn desperate to bug game developer companies to do it.

    Sony’s job is to prove the platform is worth the effort and money, and to bring game developers to table to make great games for it. Advertising will help, but they need to bring some big names to the table, with new content.

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