One comment on “Talking About The Prometheus Film

  1. I agree, Prometheus is a little sketchy. I enjoyed it, a lot. The film, for once, didn’t revolve around people being hunted at random, and Ripley killing a mo-fo in a badass manner. It was a bold reconstruction.

    The android, well, I guess that was curiosity for knowing the unknown? He didn’t care about his creators. Also, we in a way learn of the heroine’s origins, and we also know the android has been watching her dreams for ages, developing some form of insight into purpose.

    The second sketchy plot-part is the xenomorph, the Deacon. Well, we could assume it’s a queen, considering its protruding jaw, but there are VERY few consistencies. I mean, the Deacon doesn’t have the crown, or a tail. My theory is that this black substance DID lead to xenomorphs, but not on this planet, and definitely not now. This is where I agree, seeing as they found tons of eggs in the first Alien.

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