2 comments on “Of Ancient And Long Forgotten Tombs

  1. While I can see the concern for piracy from a long term profitability standpoint, really the only amount of money a company needs to get back is the production costs of a supplement; which have become a lot cheaper due to online date storage sharing, at-home media publishing and digital design. All of these have allowed smaller groups of people to make supplements and essentially turn the daunting task of creating a supplement into an exercise of finding the best print-on-demand or online PDF catalog’s for their business.

    Files are dirt cheap and as long as the price point is kept reasonable I think many players don’t have an issue with paying for a PDF product in order to support a company. $0.99 cents a pPDF may not seem like a lot but if a GM can convince his players to each buy a copy to support the company or can pass on the notification to other groups…that’s 3-4 players per session who could conceivably buy their product online. At my local store that’s 3-4 people with on average 20 sessions running per week. The possibility of making back the cost of a book from a single game store is there and measurable. Certainly not comparable to the heyday of softcover and hardback…but that’s part of the publishing process: finding your target audience and promoting to them.

    I find the insinuation of a lot of gaming companies saying that they don’t put out published hardback books, at the very least on a print-on-demand level because they are concern about piracy more than a little insulting. Yes, I typically will DL something I’m uncertain about at first to take a read through it and see if I’d enjoy using it…but there hasn’t been a single system wherein I haven’t tried, enjoyed and not bought at least the hardcover core book of. I just want to know what I’m investing in first. My entire collection of L5R 3rd & 4th printed books on my shelves speak to that line of reasoning.
    For companies to make a judgement that people are too cheap to shell out $0.99 to $59.99 for a product that they may enjoy is a judgement on a person’s financial situation, something with companies have no right to make a judgement on.

    I give huge credit to Nocturne, Paizo, Green Ronin and a number of other publishers who use PDFs has a medium of promotion. They show how cool their product is online and hope that their marketing has paid off enough that people will still want a physical copy of a book or that every session buys a legal copy of their PDF to share. They have no control over that. It’s all about building quality and credibility.

    • It was more of a theory rather then an insinuation but I get your meaning. I was only trying to find a reason why we aren’t seeing as many adventure modules as we once did.

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