One comment on “Deadpool And The Changing Times

  1. I remember buying Joe Kelly’s Deadpool run, back in the day. So the idea of Deadpool as just a “killer who makes jokes” has never been how I’ve thought of him. To me, he’s always had a conscience. The whole point of the Kelly run was to show Deadpool trying to be a better person. He hated himself. He used humour as a mask to hide how miserable he was. But the tragedy of the character was that, no matter how much he wanted to be better, he didn’t know how. He didn’t know how to be good. And what was worse, he wasn’t allowed to be a better person – he kept being forced into situations where he was forced to kill, even when he really didn’t want to.

    The writers that have him kill without a second thought are, to be blunt, shitty writers who miss the whole point of the character. This was the Deadpool we’ve seen for the past few years, with Daniel Way. (Remender, I must say, got Deadpool. He got the character better than any writer since Kelly.) Way-Pool was “OMG zany!” and thought nothing of murdering anyone who annoyed him.

    Deadpool vs. Carnage has been, frankly, utterly mediocre. His main series, however, has actually gotten pretty good. The first few arcs were terrible, but with The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, some tragedy and seriousness was added, and it vastly improved the book.

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